smash mag! a DIY online magazine about sex 

SMASH is a DIY online magazine about young adults’ diverse sex lives, created by 2016 Trixie Films interns Giovanna and Michelle. Here's how they describe it:

We hate the negative attitudes around talking openly about sex and sexuality, so we wanna SMASH those ideas by talking about it A LOT. Whether we’re having sex or not, we can’t deny that sex is all around us, yet society shames us for acknowledging it. 
We do not claim to be experts or educators in any way, but we have our own experiences and stories to share. This project started with us bringing some friends into the studio to open up an honest dialogue about kink, sex toys, virginity, online dating, and more. Now we’re inviting all of you to become collaborators, share your stories, and join us in spreading sex positivity!
What is sex positivity? We define it as being unashamed of your sexual desires, experiences, and preferences AND respecting everyone else’s. This also means including people who are not having sex in the conversation! We believe that by removing the negative stigma around talking about sexuality, we can all have more pleasurable, consensual sex lives.
We thank you for taking an interest in this project! We hope that it will create a safe and comfortable environment for discussing sexuality in your everyday lives.
Talk dirty to us.

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Note: Because it's about the sex, some of the content and images on SMASH are NSFW.